"Sarah Güsten-Marr's painting has gone from strength to strength in the year since her inaugural London Exhibition"

Sarah Güsten-Marr
Founder Gallery GM, artist

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From the beginnings of time the arts have been a fundamental part in our societies. Being an artist has allowed me to understand, that art is one of our great healers. I have been able to bring people together from different walks of live. Something that I will always consider to be a great privilege. When creating my art work, I express how I see the world that I live in. I have been very grateful to be able to support fellow artists with the success of my paintings and the use of Gallery GM. A cycle that I will make sure to continue and believe to be very important.
Introduction by Theresa Roberts

When Sarah Güsten-Marr asked me to curate this exhibition I was delighted to be able to say yes.
Sarah is one of those rare individuals who radiate happiness, humanity and sheer goodness from the first moment you meet them and it has truly been a pleasure to work with her on this show. … read on ...

Sarah is a hugely cultured and energetic individual who "expresses" herself via multiple art forms including music and design. Painting is, however, Sarah's great love and is the focus of this show.
Sarah's paintings encompass a variety of styles and subject matter but her personality comes through in each piece, be it abstract, portrait or a study of the architecture in her beloved Yorkshire. Colour and variety dominate the pieces in a way that reflects Sarah for all who know her.
I hope you enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed putting it together and that it gives you a small insight into a very special person.

Theresa Roberts

About Sarah Güsten-Marr by Margaret Sentamu

The moment Sarah Güsten-Marr walked into our lives seven years ago when we arrived in Yorkshire we knew we had met a kindred spirit. Here is a woman full of life, hope and above all generosity of spirit in all that she does and these qualities have not been deemed by life’s challenges and setbacks. … read on ...

Sarah is gifted in so many ways and is using those gifts to give life to others in all that she does. Her passion for those in need the world over but especially on the African sub-continent comes through all that she does. Her multicultural antenna is well and truly honed as is her desire for all to be one, irrespective of skin colour or social background.
I hope you will enjoy her artwork as much as I have and come to appreciate the human endeavour of one spirit reaching out to another in love.

Margaret Sentamu
Bishopthorpe Palace
North Yorkshire

Curiculum Vitae Sarah Güsten-Marr

Sarah was born in Liberia, West Africa, in 1970. An orphan baby she was adopted by German parents and brought up together with her two older sisters in West Africa, Germany, USA, and Italy. The family educated all three girls to become citizens of the world. Sarah is fluent in three languages. … read on ...

After her school years in Washington D.C. and Rome, Sarah studied at the Academia di Moda, Rome and at the Istituto Europeo di Design di Roma. She then went on to Winchester School of Art in Great Britain and graduated from the American College of the Applied Arts in London.

Sarah has travelled extensively all her life including a 6 month stay on an Aboriginal reservation where she made friends with the Aboriginal families and their children and studied their art as well as sharing their lives. This period has had a profound effect on
Sarah’s art.

Five years ago Sarah returned to the UK from Boston, Massachusetts, USA where she had her art studio at the North Shore and is currently living on a smallholding in the Vale of York, North Yorkshire with her two children. She has her art studio and gallery on her farm at the foot of the Howardian Hills.