Artist in Residence Program

Artist in Residence Program

Sarah Güsten-Marr is an artist who has lived a truly international life. Each experience in a new country gave Güsten-Marr a deeper appreciation for culture, and a desire to learn from the places she travels to and the people she meets. With a background in fashion and design, Güsten-Marr naturally found a creative outlet in painting, and soon became dedicated to pursing her artistic talent.

This led to the foundation of Gallery GM, a private gallery and avenue for Güsten-Marr to continue to pursue her charitable programs. Through Gallery GM, Güsten-Marr has founded an Artist-In-Res­idence program for artists working in all disciplines; has provided creative opportunities for local youth, as well as the Cultural Crossings Initiative. Through the Cultural Crossings Initiative alone, Guesten-Marr has helped children in developing nations, has supported young poets and spoken word artists discover cultures different from their own, and has encouraged the Yorkshire community she values to come together to raise awareness and support those less fortunate.

For many years, Sarah Guesten-Marr has proudly called the Vale of York in beautiful North Yorkshire home. She has taken pleasure in learning the traditions of the local people and sharing her experi­ences and Liberian, German heritage with the community. She is an ambassador for culture and an inspiration for youth and artists through Gallery GM's programs.


Dykelands-Farm Back Garden

Dykelands Farm Grounds

Dykelands Farm Main House

Dykelands Farm

Gallery GM Exhibition Space

Flute & Stiletto


Gallery GM Exhibition Space

Gallery GM Grounds

Garden Patch


Sarah Guesten-Marr and Junior Marvin at Gallery GM

Gallery GM Studio Space

Gallery GM at the Art Studio